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In consideration of your fellow students' access to computers, please cancel in advance any booking you cannot attend.

If you do not show up to a computer booking and fail to cancel it, this will be considered an infringement of the Library and Information Commons - Rules and Directions for Use and may lead to the suspension of your access.

Booking Instructions

  1. You have 1 advance booking slot available.
  2. Booking slots can be a maximum of:
    • 1 hour Level 0 PCs
    • 2 hours Level 2 PCs
    • 3 hours Level 3 PCs
  3. No booking extensions are allowed.
  4. After you have attended a booked slot, cancelled a booking, or when your booking expires, you gain another booking slot.
  5. You may only book up to 7 days in advance.
  6. You have 5 minutes to show up for your booking before it expires. During this time, only you can log in on the computer.
  7. If you log off a computer that you have booked, the rest of your booking for that slot will be cancelled. Note that the computers will still auto-logoff after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  8. You are required to save your work before the end of your booked session. You will be logged out automatically at the end of the session and any unsaved work will be lost. If you have booked another session on the same computer, you can then log back in again.
  9. If a computer has not been booked, you may use it without making an advance booking first.
  10. If you find a computer fault, please inform one of the IC Staff.
  11. Because computer faults can be unpredictable, making a booking does not completely guarantee that you will be able to use that computer.


Once you log in, you can view the bookable PCs by Site ("KEIC") and by Location (eg, Level 3).
All bookable PCs in that area will then show up.

Level 2, Kate Edger Information Commons, City Campus
Phone: +64 9 923 2333